Emmor Leedom



Cavanagh. TB & Catherine were husband & wife. TB retired around 1910. Son TJ took over the business. TB died 1911 and TJ dies 1912. Catherine took over the business. Sold the bottling license to William Bogle , her nephew, around 1916.  See Bogle bottle on my Crowntops page 


John Martin Geckler




Henry Nacrelli 204 E Ninth St Chester,PA 1900


Boarman Veasey 311 Market St 


Wm Greenwood. Hotel owner 8th & Morton 


Anderson at somepoint  sold his bottling business to Boarman pre 1904


Bartleson N E Corner Second & Hayes Sts  


1904 Boarman sells bottling business  to McMunigal.

See detail on other bottlers

Edward C Cullin 

John B Cullin 

Phillip F Cullin 

Thomas D Cummings 


Jos Dalphey S.E. Corner Fourth & Edgmont Ave Chester, PA 1900

Dalphey at somepoint sold his bottling business to Boarman pre 1904


Joseph Edwards

J Edwards Chester, PA ,  bottled Bergner & Engel Beer from Philadelphia .                                  Below are 2 bottles. One has an error in the spelling of Bergner 


Lengel's Bavarian  Brewery Wilmington, DE.

Bottled by Goodley & Heacock,Henirich's & McMunigal in Chester, PA 

Goodley & Heacock at somepoint sold their bottling business to Boarman pre 1904 


Thomas H Green 216 Edgmont Ave Chester, PA  1900


John Heinrichs & Sons

N.W. Corner Second & Market Streets Chester PA   1900 


Hyman  NE Corner Third & Market St


Ingram 715-720 Welsh St 


1913 McMunigal sells to Conahan & Roth 



Shapiro120 West Thirst St 


Louis Schmerber  718 Welsh St Chester PA 1900 


Anton Uhlenbrock




Philip Walker 211 & 213 Edgmont Ave Chester, PA  1900 

Link to Obit 1960


Eben Williams  Third & Morton 

link 1913